News 09.12.2012 13:32

Two eight places?

There are two eight places on the 1st UNIF Futnet World Championship in the Czech city Nymburk. What are the reasons for the same position of the Canadian national team as well as the Polish one?

1) One of the Polish double players got injured and the Polish delegation asked for unblocking one of their other players. The Jury agreed on this on condition that the participant is going to compete in no other discipline.

2) One of the Polish singles player injured himself in a quarterfinal match. The Canadian delegation requested replacement of the Polish singlist with the Canadian one who was the third one in the group stage. The Canadian as well as the Polish player is now the eight best futneter of the world. The Jury decided that there is going to be no 12th place where the Canadian should have participated.

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triples Slovakia SVK Czech Republic CZE 2 : 0
triples Hungary HUN France FRA 2 : 1
doubles Slovakia SVK Czech Republic CZE 2 : 0
doubles South Korea KOR Hungary HUN 0 : 2
singles Slovakia SVK Hungary HUN 2 : 0
singles France FRA Czech Republic CZE 0 : 2

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