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Opening ceremony passed on Saturday afternoon

President of Union Internationale de Futnet David Solano from Costa Rica, Czech living legend of the horse racing Josef Váňa or three times Olympic winner, Czech former cross country skier Květa Jeriová-Pecková. You could meet even these famous personalities during the opening ceremony.

While the world cup matches take place since Friday, the participants weren’t officially introduced until Saturday afternoon. Initially, visitors of the Sports Centre Nymburk clapped their hands to appreciate work of the organizers and referees. However, the most important elements of the tournament – namely the players – were rewarded with the strongest ovations.

The South Koreans could enjoy one of the longest applause: the Asian players gained sympathy of the majority of the audience by performing various acrobatic movements or loud chants. The Slovak international team got a real warm welcome as well; on the very end came also the host country of the championship – the Czech Republic.

In addition, many reputable guests visited the Czech city during the world cup. Except the aforementioned Solano, Váňa and Jeriová-Pecková, also president of the Czech futnet association and chairman of the Organizing committee for the Futnet World Championship Kamil Kleník, UNIF general secretary Zuzana Viňanská, Mayor of city Nymburk Miloš Petera and former Czech futneter Peter Bubniak took part in the ceremony.

Despite the fact that the most successful Czech futneter of all times ended his professional career one year ago during his vacation in Corsica, he had here a great opportunity to say goodbye to ther Czech fans. “I hope we will hear the Czech national anthem three times during this championship,” stated Bubniak whose eyes got wet afterwards.

The ceremony was concluded by a kick-off with futnet balls by the VIP guests in the audience. “My wish would be that everyone stays healthy and the best would win the gold medal. Let’s hope it’s going to be the Czech national team,” said Josef Váňa, the patron of the tournament.

Later on, the cheerleaders of the local dance school managed even to improve the atmosphere in the hall and the semifinals could start. 

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